Motorization FAQ's

Q. What size Panels can I operate with the Remote Control?

The regular sized planation shutters of say 70mm,90mm and 115mm employ a small DC motor system call micro MV. The blade sizes 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and 450mm are housed in the Marquis suite and this size requires 240V heavy duty motors.

There are a lot of variables so it is fair to say we need to look at the opening and shutter requirements to answer definitively. We use a rule example for the Classic 90 blade intended for internal location, of 10 blades high and max of 600mm wide panel will need one motor. Or 15 blades high and max of 900mm wide where we would fit two motors to handle the torque if required, usually fitted top and bottom of panel completely hidden way. The motors operate through one intelligent board and one power supply. (see video of micro motorised remote Shutter) We produce two motor types both to our own specification. Marquis system is Heavy Duty 240V asychronous motor rated at 30Nm torque. The motor fits disceetly into the rail of the shutter panel therein connecting to the patented rack and pinion blade actuation.

Wiring Diagram | Click to enlarge

Q. What size Blades can I operate with the Remote Control?
We can operate all sizes of blades conditional upon the blade mass rule. We have different rated motors and suites of frames to suit the blade choice.
Q. Is motorization suitable for an internal or external use?
Both, we can supply and fit both Internal and External Shutters. and mount the receiver in weather proof unit under the eaves or more conveniently inside the house. The 20 Nm system which we use on 200mm blade sizes and above is provided in the new RF technology.
Q. Can we manually operate the blades if power is unavailable or battery is low?
No, there is no override to protect the geared motor or mechanisms. It is an electronic component and needs to be powered up to operate. Manually interfering will void the warranty and require the panel to be returned for service.
Q. How many motors will the one Remote Control operate?
One motor at the top and one at the bottom of frame is easy for us, it gets a little complicated if we need to put the motor at a mid rail position as well. One remote sender can talk to both motors so that the operation is seamless. This applies to small shutters as well as teh heavy duty system.
Q. What is IR (Infra Red) Remote Control?
Infra Red transmittal is a system used in most TV Cable remotes. Its draw backs are the limited distance to communicate and the need to aim the remote directly at the unit. The sun can confuse the signal therefore it has some issues working well outside.The micro MV uses this system whereas teh heavy duty uses teh more advanced RF.
Q. Can I wire this system to smart home technology?
Yes (by special order) a 240 V motor can be made (4 core) suited only to the Marquis System (not the micro motor) this can be integrated with Smart House or BMS technology. We use RF remotes which have far more intelligence on board. The advantages of RF are that the remote does not need to be directly in sight of the unit to communicate, is suited to hard wired systems, suited to external installations and can control up to 10 motors simultaneously.
Q. What sort of batteries are required for the micro motor?
The battery type is known as SLA is is quite a large thin battery which houses within the top or bottom rail. The battery is the type used in TV cameras used by the networks. It is rechargeable via a small wall plug. We recommend Yuasa NP-12 . The battery is simply charged by connecting to teh 4mm pin socket on the panel. (see Battery Charging description) or ( Battery Fighter Data Sheet)
Q. This is pioneering technology for Shutters this appears to be a great new product?
Our Company is at the cutting edge of Shutter actuation innovation. We currently have 27 separate patents associated with shutters and their operation and design.
Q. Can the remote system be used in the Shutter Gard range?
Unfortunately not, there are a number of complex components within the Shutter Gard panels that restrict motor and controllers.
Q. Can I install the remote control shutters myself?
Yes you can install the battery operated system quite simply as you can with our full range of shutters and louvres. A qualified electrician must hardwire the RF system, but all other parts to the job are made simple for a keen handy person. remote instruction | Click to enlarge
Q. What is the cost of your remote control shutters?
The approximate price current`2008)` starts at $300.00 per motor for IR systems and a little more for RF. You need to then add the power source. It is very affordable compared to say the Somfy System. Click here to download the wiring diagram


  • Motor Specifications for the Micro MV Motor system
  • Voltage : 12VDC
  • Rated Torque : 22 g-cm
  • Rated Current : 200mA
  • Rated Output : 1.5W
  • Shaft Output : 12rpm
  • Gearbox Ratio : 500 to 1


  • Motor Specifications for the Marquis Heavy Duty Remote Motor system
  • Voltage : 230VAC/50Hz
  • Rated Torque : 30Nm
  • Rated Current : 1.8A
  • Rated Output : 220W
  • Shaft Output : 12rpm
  • Gearbox Ratio : 14 rpm


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