One of our larger profiles in the elliptical shape. Suited to large format Facades, Screening, Sun Awnings, Operable Roofing, Vertical format. This large format blade may be used as a single horizontalor vertical element as a fixed blade and can also be operable. see also Marquis 200, 400, 450mm

Available in Aluminium only

Features and Benefits

Plantation Shutters Aluma Series
No Stick or Tilt Rod Featuring LouverMate ®Mechanism - No staples to work their way loose, no tension rod or screws to work loose, no unsightly stick to detract from the view. Our patented system ensures tight closure of blades. Less moving parts means less to fail.
Solid Double Skin Core All blades and frame profiles are constructed from Architectural Grade heat tempered Aluminium. All sections of frame and blades across our entire range are double or triple wall construction resulting in highly engineered designs capable of wide spans, low deflection and high load capacities. Our blade profiles have been designed to accommodate our exclusive patented ShutterGard internal anti tamper system. A painted Aluminium Shutter is far superior to a wood shutter in construction, durability, paint hardness and expectation of life cycle.
High Build High Durum Powder Coat The integrity of paint build and adhesion should not be under estimated. Its not worth debating the comparisons of lacquers on wood or wet paints on other surfaces when Powder Coat is considered such a reliable high standard coating. We provide a 7 year standard warranty on Adhesion and Gloss factor on all of our Aluma range
Tough Impact resistant material High traffic shutters are well suited to Commercial, Hospitality and public access installations. Our Aluma Series Shutters are available in Live Load, Human Impact and Cyclone rated versions. Our Aluminium Shutter designs look exactly the same as Cedar profiles.
Fire Resistant Choose Aluminium and Fire Rated ABS internal operating mechanisms to meet Fire Zone compliances.
Precision Engineered We use only stainless Steel or High Strength polymer components to construct our shutters. No rust, no failure.
Easy to Clean & Maintain Simply wash down with soapy water as you would to clean your car.
Blade Profile Aero 300
Frame Suite Marquis
Frame Dimensions Rails – 60 x 60mm
Stiles – 60 x 60mm
Blade Dimensions 300 x 45
Blade Projection 120 mm
Blade Operation 350°
Fixed Blades Yes, any angle
Blade Grouping / Banks Max 8 blades per bank
Pitch of Blades / Centres 255 mm
Opening Vista 210 mm
Total Mass Kg/m² 41kg/m²
Max. Panel Width 5000 mm
Max. Panel Height 2400mm (Midrail required after 1800mm)
Colours & Finishes Custom, Natural Anodized
Mullions Yes if panel over max width. Back to Back stile.
ShutterGard (Security Option) Yes (Patented)
Cyclone Rated Yes (Patented)
Acoustics No
Insulation Yes EPS
Motorization Yes, hard wired or battery
Hinged Yes
Sliding Custom
Bi-folding Yes
Drop Fixed No
Wall Trim Yes
Bracket Fixed Yes
Sun hood T Welded Brackets Yes
Sun hood Post Brackets Yes
Roofing System Yes
Triangular Shapes Yes
Flat Packs Yes
Combo Shutter Option No
Lock Options No
Dominator Yes Heavy Duty


Trade Mark Aero Design
Material Aluminium
Blade Profile Elliptical Contour Shape
Design Horizontally Placed Elliptical Blades
operating Cogently via patented ‘Louvre Mover’
fully integrated operating system
Blade Operating Range 350º
Projection 125 mm
Blade size 300mm wide
Total Mass Kg/ m² 20Kg
Suitability Security / High Impact / Exterior
Blade Grouping Customizable –
Equal if not specified
Open vista approximately 250mm Clear Opening
Pitch of Blade(Centres) 280mm
Section Rail 60mm x 60mm
Stile 60mm x 60mm
Max. panel width (Hinged/Slider) 1000/1200mm
Max. Panel height Recommended 2400mm Custom designed to 6.500 metres(Mid Rail required, wind fin designed to suit)
Max. Vertical Mullion Centres Blade Length dependant
Max. operable blade configuration 900 / 1100mm
Mid rail Not required if less than 1800mm subject to width criteria
Stiles 60mm Wide
Frame thickness 60mm
Top rails 60mm x 60mm
Bottom rails 60mm x 60mm
Finishes Anondized or Select from Powdercoat range
Blade Configurations Horizontal / Vertical
Panel Configurations Inside: Reveal Mount Hinged
Outside: Face Mount Hinged
Removable Drop Fixed
Options Pre-hinged and framed Architrave or
Z Mould (ready to install)
Supply only panel only (self install)
Supply and installation quoted
Hardware Key Locks, Star Pin Drop Bolts, Hinges, Flush bolts, draft excluder, touch-up paint