Introducing an attractive, functional security Plantation Shutter... INTRUDER PROOF SECURITY PLANTATION SHUTTERS LOOK GREAT

Incorporating the 'LouverMover' hidden control system and available only from Us!

Shutter-GardShutter-Gard is a high integrity patented design shutter, which incorporates the same aesthetics offered by the whole Shutters R Us Aluminium range with the added peace of mind that these Shutters are intruder proof. Now you can feel secure in your home without having to resort to unsightly iron bars, rigid contraptions or visible mechanical attachments.


  • No visible mechanical attachments.
  • No unsightly bars.
  • A wide variety of options, as offered in our range of Aluminium products.
  • Shutter-Gard guards against agressive human impact. There is no other Plantation Shutter in the world that has this level of integrity.
Complies with AS 1170.1 & 2 Blaustrade Code and AS 5041.


  • Key Locking to Shutter Frames and intruder resistant door jambs.

    Shutter-GardAnother innovation from the developers of the patented 'Louver Mover' comes this highly respectable variation on a Plantation Shutter.

    It seems these days we're seeing a great deal of Plantation Shutters used in both high profile residences and commercial projects. This clever enhancement will be sure to get attention especially as it addresses the security functionality as well as the Architectural criteria.

    There is a definite need to get away from iron grilles, security mesh etc. The shutter panel we tested underwent vigorous durability and impact tests and came out pretty battered and bent but the blades did not fail or compromise in any way from the frame, even in their open position. A very convincing test and deterrent for would-be intruders.

    Available In: Classic 90, Euro 115, E 150.