Introducing an attractive, functional motorized Plantation Shutter... Incorporating the 'LouverMover' hidden control system and available only from Us!

LV Remote Control

Another innovation from the developers of the patented 'Louver Mover' comes this highly respectable variation on a Plantation Shutter.
It seems these days we're seeing a great deal of Plantation Shutters used in both high profile residences and commercial projects. This clever enhancement will be sure to get attention especially as it addresses the motorized functionality as well as the Architectural criteria.

Micro Motor - Available In: Classic 90, Euro 115, E 150.

HD Motor - 240 Volt using RF technology is available in 150,200 300mm blade systems within the Marquis Suite.



  • No visible mechanical attachments.
  • No unsightly bars.
  • A wide variety of options, as offered in our range of Aluminium products.
  • Fully enclosed within our frame.
  • UV remote controlled battery powered or wall switched via 240V house power.
  • Can operate 3 motors within one frame suit grouping of hard to reach blades.
  • Can operate up to 30 shutter blades (90mm)
  • Available in Combo Woodland Series, Polycell and Aluma Series.
  • Suits high installations, roofing and pergolas, shading systems, stair wells and skylights.
  • 12V Low Voltage stand alone
  • 240V Hardwired in location to suit BMS (Building Management System)[by others] [Only available as a 4 wired system]
  • High Reduction geared motor built within the aluminium stile
  • Has custom designed potentiometer encoding device to memorise the positioning of the blade
  • Pre-set 45º, 90º and 135º positions
  • Light sensitive Sleep Mode
  • Handy Key-fob IR (Infra-red) remote control
  • Intelligent Radio Frequency option for BMS and multiple shutter control [Only available as a 4 wired system]
  • Operates by 12V/DC battery power pack discreetly built into rail or hard wired 12V/or 15V/AC Power
  • On board battery charger simply plug into power outlet for occasional charge
  • Low power source warning indicator on board
  • Optional Indoor wall mounted remote receiver especially suited to an Exterior panel operational from internal location.


  • Smart technology sensoring to the louvre blades
  • Dial controlled closures to any bank of blades

Frequently Asked Questions (Motorisation FAQ's)

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