Mate's Rates Builders Discount- We take special care with our Trade Conrtactor / Builder.

All Tenders are priced per project with special consideration of such contingencies as access to site, high lift, scaffold requirements and of course the critical time path which tranlates to direct project cost. We pride ourselves on getting your quote to you quickly and accurately. On award of the order our Technicians and Engineers will immediatley become involved in the work order process.The process can be as timely or as expedited as needed given that we carry our own huge inventory and control our own manufacture factories in Sydney. Our Project Pre- Lim Service is aimed at minimizing delay costs and assist in closing in or finshing off with wet trades etc. This is a simple but often overlooked management procedure perhaps not offered if the subcontractor is relying on an a third party supplier.

Customer Loyalty Discount- A special thankyou for returning to us as your preferred Supplier. Customer Loyalty Certificate (588kb PDF file)

We will remember you...... we understand the wide choice of suppliers these days can make it inviting to consider a change.So we welcome you as an old friend, we still have your file on record and can simply quote you on an exact match including your Custom Colour. Just send in your new request and mention your previous purchase, we take it from there and you receive a very pleasant 5% discount shown on your itemised quotation.

Scouts Reward - Just send us a competitor's copy of your quotion for us to review. This helps us stay abreast of the market ...and you will recieve a gift certificate of minimum $100 or up to $200, regardless of you placing your order with us.

Of course we want your business and will be ready to do hoops to get it...but sometimes we just cannot compete with the cheap Chinese Basswood and Fauxwood being sold here by resellers.

Your Shutters purchase should be a quality investment and not just to fill a gap in your window.

Resellers - Yes we even sell to the opposition! Please enquire through our wholesale dept We will be pleased to offer you a generous discount for a high qulaity highly sought after product....Made in Australia....Sold Around The World.

TWOFERS Program - You wouldnt believe how many friends, relatives or building buddies are doing their projects together at the same time....we will negotiate a special deal with you both and the savings are very very good. We will provide you with testimonials to prove it.


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